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Donna Khalife

Entrepreneur. Speaker. Author.


Donna Khalife is a serial entrepreneur and executive with 15 years of experience building and advising venture-backed companies in the consumer space.


Donna is founder of Surprise Ride, a company that develops and delivers activity kits to homes around the country to give kids a break from technology. The company has brought to market 100+ products and was acquired by Fat Brain Toys. Donna and her sister, Rosy, drew upon their childhoods to found Surprise Ride. The two are war refugees from Lebanon and moved to the U.S. after winning the Green Card Lottery...



Primetime TV - Pitch on the hit show Shark Tank

Surprise Ride on ABC's Beyond the Tank

Live on The View!


"Life is a garden,

not a road.

We enter and exit

through the same gate.

where we go matters less

than what we notice."

Kurt Vonnegut

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